Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Nurses: We really need you. Now fuck off!

Speaking (or, to be correct here typing) as a male nurse, I find there are many differing perceptions of the Nurse and the role which a Nurse has. I am aware that nursing is and I daresay will always remain a profession which is female dominated (though many long suffering husbands will say that is not the only thing that women dominate).

However, I was amazed to read last week of the news that nurses will be struck off the NMC register far more easier then it currently is. I am not saying that the removal of those who are maverick or take a cavilier approach to their work should not be suspended. However, this means that malicious reports could be used. I had a run in with a manager as I was stabbed in the back by my HCA for... well, I dont really know what there were on about. I remember them saying that 2 patients needed pressure mattresses (I was tied up with a moribound patient and assisting another side room patient initially on the shift and the HCA was covering the bay which is how they found that before me) and so I said "Yes, that sounds good. Have you ordered the matresses?". Well, buggered if I know what the manager was on about but I am fed up of the job and want to leave (not nursing, just the ward:- come back cardiothoracic's, all is forgiven!). Another thing that was winding me up was the manager saying "I dont ask enough questions". WTF? I ask loads of sodding questions, and have worked in the same area on an equally crappy ward (read Nursing Student blof from "My first day-My half time") and have approached staff when unsure. I mean, what the hell am I to ask if I know what I am doing (which is mostly dementia/geriatric care evn though I am supposed to be on a chest medicine ward). Do they wand me to stop a staff nurse and ask "What is the capital of Denmark?

What makes me puzzled is then they come out with "we value nurses" or "respect each other". Funny, seems to me that no bugger respects me and I feel valueless. Worst thing is, I actually was being nice to the ward and never let on for a moment my cyicisim.

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