Sunday, 22 June 2008

My struggle

At work, I have had the first experience of the pain in the arse relative. That's a bit of a hot potato, remember there this is my private thoughts on nursing. Seriously though, I am back in tomorrow and I am not going to be surprised (or indeed bothered) to find that there has been a complaint put in by a relative. I am sorry, but I am not going to be bullied by a relative who is ACTIVELY LOOKING for a reason to complain, rather then those who actually complain because they have been the unfortunate person on the receiving end of things when they go wrong. Now, I am not going to give too much away, but when you are trying to deal with a patient who had just taken a serious and unanticipated turn for the worse, I cannot, and will not, attend to another task which can wait when failure to act with the clinically priority patient could result in a cardiac arrest. I am not, and will not, accept that a complaint of attending to something when the same said relative was asking where I was the day before when starting up THE EXACT SAME SODDING THING. Nor is is reasonable to complain when an increased risk means that awaiting at SHO on call means a 35 minute wait for me to keep the patient safe. I am astounded as to the lack of respect that is shown to the medical services by the general public. A further example of this was out on duty on Friday night with St John Ambulance. I had a casualty who was a fair distance into woodland at an event. Having treated, I asked for a carry chair to be brought, and we struggled to get the patient out to a road. I requested the ambulance meet us at the roadside so we could transfer the patient. On reaching the road, there was a lot of cars. None of which were prepared to make way for the ambulance coming the opposite way. I went down to meet the driver, and we decided that the best thing to do would be to take the ambulance stretcher out and wheel it past the car. While we were getting the stretcher out, one cheeky bitch wound down the window of her car and said "Can you move forward, I cant see?". FFS, IF you see an ambulance crew getting a stretcher out, you know its for a patient, and seeing as the driver of said car was parked way back from the road, what was wrong with driving forward a little bit and asking the police who were guiding traffic out for help? It was only on my asking a steward to stop the cars from coming down the road that we were able to safely transfer the patient.

If any member of the health service was to be as rude to the public as what the public are too us, people would be struck off.

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