Sunday, 29 June 2008

My Hospital Drama

Just occasionally, on a 12 hour shift you have a half an hour or so that normally becomes the material of what the TV would have any member of the public believe is about 5 minutes of nearly every show. However, for the first time yesterday that (sort of) happened. I finally had my first compliment paid... by the bed manager who commented that I looked smart with a well presented uniform and for wearing a highly polished pair of shoes (Doc Martins to be exact).

Yesterday I had a patient who effectively ended up being on one to one supervision by myself and the other staff nurse in the bay (there were two staff nurses in my bay, no HCA), and a passing away, followed by the small half hour of "fun", which started with a call to the arrest team in another bay, then a patient falling, followed by A&E leaving a patient in a bay. As the patient was considered better nursed on an electric bed, I along with the other staff nurse assisted the sister and staff nurse from the bay to transfer the patient/do obs as well as checking on the obs for a patient on an infusion done by yours truly. Then it was handover time, and now I am off on holiday.
After that shift, I am glad.

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