Wednesday, 4 June 2008

my nemesis

I have today met my nemesis on the ward. More of that later, I have been a busy nurse (though no doubt in the new and improved way that Nurses can be struck off I have been a lazy, workshy layabout). Ladt week I did two overtime shifts as well as the three rotad shifts, so that was5 shits in 7 days then have just come home sick from my third shift this weel. I am a bit annoyed at the moment. Not in the way that there is always NHS conflict, but at the way that it seems whenever we do anything good on the ward, we are critiacised by the management over something petty. We have a new matron on the ward. All of us got a toung bashing. The one they got me on was a patient who had their catheter bag left too low on the bed by a physiotherapist (who i must admit is way too attractive to have me grass them up) and part of a nebuliser which had been left inside the mask. While these are fair, I was drawing MST and Oromorph with another nurse (seperate times of course), had just helped with a bay who had a patient slide off a bed, seen to infected patients, and sent 2 referals and appeased a relative over the phone who had been passed incorrect information by somebody in the family. So yes, I had not seen the catheter that was touching the floor, I was a bit tied up trying to do a million and one other flaming jobs at the same time. But if you want me to be able to meticulosly see every last detail, give me more nurses and less patients. I would not mind, but you never hear them saying "thanks for comming in at short notice on youy off" or "well done on not having any of you patients get MRSA last month" or "your patients seem generally happy" or "Your record keeping and drug administration is very meticulous, well done". Well, its easy for me to get het up. But I can still have the last laugh (as long as I get another job offer that is), as when 4 1/2 months are over, I am going with the finish of my contract from a short staffed unit, so they can take their nit picking,the job along with all the mind numbing fuckwittery and shove it

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