Monday, 24 March 2008

My hectic duty

Old photo taken at the football stadium I was at today.

There is a division one side who are a county duty for St John Ambulance. This brings my total number of duties to three within four days. I was expecting this to be a quiet day. In all the times I have been attending, there has only ever been one casualty, and that was pretty minor at that.

After arriving slightly late having being caught in the traffic, I was told that I was going to be in the First Aid post. There was a Paramedic crew who arrived about 10 minutes after I did. There was nothing much to report and the game kicked off. After about half an hour, a steward came into the first aid post with a causalty who had slipped and fallen and had a leg injury. I treated with Ice pack and the Paramdic had a look in at the patient as well. Just as we were about to discharge the patient, a st john ambulance member came in and was found to be having an asthma attack. Eventually, an ambulance was called to evacuate them to A&E. Just as the ambulance crew were about to leave, a call came over the radio of a collapse in the stands.

It was a child who had collapsed. They too were taken to the first aid post and were looked after by the Paramedic crew and myself. Following the arrival of the parent, it was decided that it would be best if an ambulance was called to take them to a hospital with Childrens services. This took place just at the end of the match.

Following this, me and the duty officer went to the town's A&E department to check on the member who had been sent up. They were doing better and we spent an hour with them before leaving once we found out they were being kept in and that relatives were on their way.

I am back there on Saturday. I hope that it will be buisiness as usual. At the moment, I shall be going to the ward for a rest.

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