Sunday, 2 March 2008

My First post

Hello! This is the first post on this blog. Want to know what I was up to before as a Student? Well, you can. Its all on the old blog, warts and all.

Ah, I can see you looking at me now and saying "But, Nursing Student, you have changed your name! Who is Staff Nurse M?"

The short answer is: The same entity. I have now graduated. In the light of this, the old blog ID of "Nursing Student" was redundant, and "Nurse Staff" was too vague. So, much like a contemporary Dr Who, I have changed. Same Avatar, same profile, same link list. However, I have decided "Staff Nurse M" as this takes my last initial of my name. As a by-product, it could also mean "Mystery" as I still wish be be slightly obscure.

What have you to look forward to? Well, a comment on my personal view on the Nursing profession, the journey to me starting on the ward where I am going to be a staff Nurse, and the same old accounts of the work I do.

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Wandering Odysseus said...

Congratulations on graduating.