Sunday, 31 August 2008

My hymn called faith and misery

For those...anoyying pains
In less then 12 hours hours, I will be starting a new job. I shall be a Staff Nurse in a Cardiac Catheter Laboratory. Yes, I am going to be back in Cardiothoracics and I cannot wait for it.

Well, I am leaving acute medicine. It is with a mixture of thoughts and feelings that I leave the ward. I was not happy on there, that is true. There was a low moral on the ward, and I was happy to add to the general malaise by never having any shifts that every actually made me think "I really liked that". There was bad start to my internship placement when I was in Cardio last time as a student-mostly the bad feelings was that I really did feel like an outsider. Once I felt accepted, and had re-established my comfort zone, things were fine.

Things have not been fine elsewhere though. The ongoing relationship with my girlfriend has ended once and for all, as things have gone past the point where things could be salvaged. I regret that happening, but I know that the best thing to do is to move on, and see if I can find somebody else. Another thing that really annoyed me was a total- idiot- who went on a dangerous ego trip while on duty with St John the other day and basically started running the duty even though they are not supposed to duty manage (not trained for the role) and even though they were supposed to be "non-clinical" decided to go off to see a suspected medical emergency. This was odd as no-one radioed it in, and when a steward directed us to the call, we found them and somebody else in with the "patient" who then gave me and the AFA I was with a load of lip. YOUR ONLY A BLOODY FIRST AIDER, SO EVEN THOUGH YOU MAY THINK I'M "JUST" A NURSE, I'M A DAMN SITE MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE THEN SOME HALF-WIT WHO DOES A WEEKEND COURSE THEN THINKS THAT THEY ARE BETTER THEN A CONSULTANT IN TRAUMA MEDICINE! I have a code of conduct, accountability, professional registration, 3 years of UNIVERSITY training, and the ever present fact that I deal with acute patients every day I am at sodding work. I can recognise my limits, and work within them, but these idiots have not got a clue sometimes, nor any of the above mentioned qualities. Yes, you may be good at bandaging, but over-empowering the under qualified to think that they can make decisions which should only be made by those who are trained and qualified professionals is dangerous. On one call I was at, I said to the patient to have a check from A&E by a DOCTOR have have a small check done because I KNOW THAT TO NOT DO WAS TO MAKE A CHOICE ABOVE MY TRAINING. When I'm not sure, I ask a doctor, another nurse or arrange the patient to be checked elsewhere (I once told a patient to follow up with either a GP or practice nurse and wrote a continuation sheet for the follow up appointment as I needed to go to greater depth then the PRF allowed. I did that as I was aware of the NHS services the person would need to access, and had a good knowledge of how the follow up should work. I only know that because of my NURSE training. A 16 hour course alas, does not. For now, I am annoyed at SJA. They expect Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics to treat them as equals (they are not), but then show no respect to their superiors. Dangerous.

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Darkside said...

Ahh the problems with the VAS.

I enjoyed your blog as a student, nice to see how your SN Career is now unfolding.

CCU/Cath Labs were great craic when I was there :D

With regard to SJA... dont let the B's get you down. Or, you could join the JamJars over at BRCS?

Much greater respect for NHS Staff and in my experience, one or two less F***wits.