Monday, 8 September 2008

My Change of scene

Ahh, a new job. I am actually quite enjoying it. I would have written up more earlier but what can I say...I'm lazy, have had a busy few nights out and about and could not really have much to say.

Well, the new job is going well (for now) and there have been some interesting cases seen to. At the moment, as I am not working on a ward, it is really like going back to being a student again as I am needing to learn from scratch being in a cath lab. I have been scrubbed in for some cases, and the first week has progressed well. One of the problems I have had is that my staff ID badge (which doubles as a electronic Key Card to access certain locked doors in the hospital) has not been working. Basically, a mixture of the security computers being down, and then just plain not working. This means I cant actually get into the male changing room, which is a minor inconvenience. The blue scrubs look nice tho!

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