Thursday, 21 August 2008

My generalised anger

I am a tad discommoded tonight as I write this as I was intending to currently be on a night shift. I however turned up onto the ward and found that my shift has been swapped to tomorrow and Saturday [while now trying to remember if they were changed from nights to days or not altered from nights-ed].

Now, it has been almost a month since I last posted anything on here. I think that this blog is less posted then my old one, mainly because I have been away from home a lot an/or too tired to bother writing posts (especially when you write and see "comments 0" which makes me wonder if anyone reads this).

One of the main things that really gets on my nerve is the endless supply of trouble which tends to come with express delivery to the ward. Anything, even the most smallest thing, seems to be on the ward at the speed of light. However, I have see pinned to the notice board a letter written by the relative of a patient and they discuss at great detail the care given by a nurse on a particular day- I happen to be the nurse mentioned. The letter was very pleased and thankful for the care that the relative of the patient received. Did not see that one getting mentioned much!

Trouble is something relatively light for me on the ward. I have put a lot of incident forms in about patients of mine falling, and bar two about one incident, have occurred on nights when staffing levels are reduced (but not the number of patients who are at risk of falls). Pseudo science I know for staffing levels, but I guess with enough prolonged submission the shift will go from anecdote to supporting evidence in the official channels. Apart from a run in with a relief HCA the ward has been busy but no major disasters have occurred save for a minor injury one day. What does wind me up is the fact that the hospital is woefully short of beds and we seem to be a dumping ground for A&E and the AAU as they are driven to distraction by the 4-hour target et al (no doubt some A&E nurse is blogging about how unco-operative wards take all day to have patients discharged and gives them a headache arranging patients beds on wards...).

Biggest problem for me is my other half. She is currently going through a rough time and dispite my trying to be their, she is pushing me further and further away. Oh dear.

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