Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Musing on my final hours till work

There are a number of things which as a student Nurse I often thought would be beyond me. In the early days of training, the notion of ever wearing the blue slides of a staff nurse on my tunic was one of them. In 36 hours time, that however is going to become a reality. It shall be my first proper shift as a staff nurse (albeit a supernumerary one). I am going to pick my uniform up tomorrow. I hope by then that the trousers will have arrived or else there is going to be a quick think of what to wear Thursday. I am not sure how the trousers had not arrived by last Friday, but I was told that there are "orders being delivered all that time" so fingers crossed that all works out well. Starting my first day without trousers would be bad, not to mention embarrassing all around if the ward manager demands I wear uniform issue trousers only. My girlfriend has laughed a lot about that.

Of course there are all the thousand and one other worries that I now have:- Will I like the ward, will I get on with most of the staff (I am guessing there will be one person who will rub me up the wrong way), will the other professions be OK, what will my caseload be like, and will I (after the 3 months away from ward Nursing) settle into the ward OK. I have worked at the hospital, and I am comfortable with all that. I am sure that most of this is just nerves before shift, but if it all goes pear shaped, I could be in for 6 months of hell.

On the positive side, I have nursed patients with the conditions as medical sleep outs before, and had a few emergency cases with St John related to the area. I have met some of the staff, one of the FY2 doctors was on my internship ward for a while, and one of the consultants on the ward was holding clinics when I worked on an out patients department while in second year of training. The good points outweigh the bad.
Unfortunatly, having to be up at 5:15am for days is a pain.

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