Tuesday, 15 April 2008

May the farce be with you...

...instead of me! Some interesting developments with the much fabled tale of me ever actually being employed as a Nurse. A week gone Friday, I was interviewed for a post in a community hospital. The exact post was split between working on the ward (where I was for my first placement) and minor injuries (something that I would be used to being a St John Ambulance volunteer). I have not been contacted by the people who interviewed me. However, after I had popped out yesterday, I came home to be told that somebody had rang from "Hospital A" looking for me. I rang the number which was left and this gave a pre-recorded message from a doctors surgery. I phoned the number given for the HR department of Hospital A and they said it was not them. On checking 1471, I was given a totally different number (makes a change as usually the numbers say "not given"). Anyway, it turns out that this was for the PCT which have a similar name to where hospital A is. They were after a reference for contacting. Now, I find this odd. Why phone asking me for a reference when I have not even been contacted to say if I have got the job or not.

Then today, even more movement. Now, I have little good to say of the CRB check as they have cost me £2000 in lost earning potential. I got a CRB back today. Ah-ha, those who have bothered to read cry, Hospital A finally got a CRB for you? Nope, Nope, Nope. The CRB check I got back today was for...Hospital B! The ones who sent their check away second. Work that one out if you can! Potentially, the future could map out as this:
1)Accept the post offered by the PCT as this is a full time permanent contract.
2) Commence work with Hospital B ASAP. This will mean earning money again, and be a 6 months stopgap.
3) Fill in the forms required for the PCT and await the start date. Given the time which has elapsed in the first 2 job offers, this could easily run for 6 months if I can start soon!
4) Turn down the hospital A post when I am contacted by writing.

However, if I have not been successful with the PCT, I may well just keep on with Hospital A who will keep me on longer then 6 months. I need to see the paperwork to confirm this before I can make any firm final choice.

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